Conveyancing and Property Law

Conveyancing and Property Law covers a range of legal matters. The team at Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers have built their reputation with quality advice and solid results. New home buyers, vendors and investors turn to Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers to represent their interests when property is involved. It takes a great team to get you the outcome you want and in the time you require.

Land & Real Estate

If you are looking to buy land or real estate for private, investment or commercial use you should seek advice from an expert in Conveyancing and Property Law. Navigating property law at times can be complex and you should ensure that you are protected and well represented. At Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers our team can work with you to ensure you are protected when negotiating any land or real estate purchase. We can represent you and negotiate any changes to the contract on your behalf so that you can be content that you are protected when you sign on the dotted line. We also prepare contracts of sale for you so you get what you want. We will do all this, whist ensuring that the whole process is moving and settlement occurs when it should. You will be kept informed at every step of the way. Get the best in property law and have the team of Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers on your side.

Investment Properties and Property Development

The profits and lucrative nature of property development and investments has attracted and will always, attract the attention of the legal system. As a great deal of money changes hands, security and asset protection are important. It is a job for legal teams, like Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers, to help you navigate this legal environment for you. You have a large amount of responsibilities with this investment type. Get a quality team on your side with Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers


Conveyancing is the area of the law that deals with the transfer of ownership of real estate from one person to another. This process includes the preparation, execution, verification and lodgement of numerous legal documents to ensure that the transfer of real estate proceeds smoothly. This involves liaising with banks and the other party as well as ensuring that all your documents are prepared and in order. This ensures that you get to settlement in a timely fashion.  

You really need the right representation doing the right job for you in the required amount of time. Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers are the conveyancing team for you as the firm can handle simple through to complex matters. They work to reach the best outcome for clients in a suitable time frame. Get your assets protected and on the right track with Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers.

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