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Having a legally binding Will and Testament now can guide your family on the wishes you have set out for the future. It can also save them a great deal of cost and stress by providing them with an effective legal document. Without a will, your assets, money and worldly items will be handed out according to a legal formula worked out by legislation. Your life will be distributed as a total stranger sees fit. Family members you don’t even know may get a huge portion that would otherwise go to your closest relatives and friends. Trish Sheedy, Principal Lawyer, is one of only 70 Conveyancing Lawyers in the whole of Victoria.

Who needs to be involved when writing a Will?

If you want someone to help you with making sure everything is covered by your will, you need a legal representative you can trust. Going it alone can be confusing and you may overlook things that are just a normal part of life to you but an outside perspective will help. Protect your family and your assets with a Will drafting expert at Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers.

Probate Law

The last thing you want is to deal with a mountain of paperwork and legal jargon during whilst you are grieving the loss of someone close to you. This service grants the executor the ability to, in accordance with the Will, carry out the Will’s instructions and deal with real and personal estate. This is to make sure that the Will is not contested and it’s carried out correctly in the eyes of the law and those left behind. This is a delicate time for everyone. Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers can help you with setting out a stronger path for your future.

Estates and Non-Will Estates

This is the law based on the practise of dividing and settling the final will and testament of a deceased person. When a will surfaces it’s either accepted by the those left behind or contested. A lawyer then will present either for or against why this is not a valid will. If a will is handwritten, unknown by anyone, vague or not signed properly, legal battles can go on for a long time. If you are in a situation that you need help and legal advice, Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers can steer you in the right direction.

Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers are able to help you in your time of need. If you are writing a Will, they make sure you are covering everything you need to in order to have the right support in place for your family. If you require help carrying out a Will or there has been contention with current documentation, Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers are here to help.

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