Wollerman Shacklock’s Legal Services

Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers have grown and evolved over time to suit the current legal climate. The Wollerman Shacklock team is constantly updating their knowledge and skills to best represent you and your needs. Wollerman Shacklock Lawyers continue to provide great advice and offer services in three main areas, Property and Conveyancing Law, Commercial Law and Wills and Probate Law.

Downloadable Documents:

Fact Sheets:
Signing of Affidavits in Victoria {download PDF}
Information for witnesses (OPA) {download PDF}
Due Diligence Checklist {download PDF}
MTDM Brochure 2018 {download PDF}
OPA EPOA Financial Brochure {download PDF}
VOI Information Sheet {download PDF}
ID VOI Form {download PDF}

VOI Form {download PDF}