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What is a Deed of Family Arrangement?

A Deed of Family Arrangement is a document that confirms the distribution of an estate when the distribution is to be different/changed from what is stated in the deceased’s Will.  This also applies if the distribution is to be changed and not made in accordance with the laws of intestacy.

A deed like this is entered into to ensure that all parties/beneficiaries are in agreement with the distribution of the estate and to protect the Executor/Administrator against any potential claims that might be made.

Some circumstances where a Deed of Family Arrangement might be used are:

  • If the Executor has agreed to change/alter the distribution of the estate and not distribute in accordance with the Will;
  • To clarify the contents of a Will if there were any clauses that did need clarification; or
  • Where someone may have been omitted as a beneficiary accidentally; or
  • To settle a claim that may have been made against an estate.

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