Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

Almost any property or anyone needs Landlord Insurance. We’ve done a few blogs now and most of them are laced with a few consistent messages which circulate around making sure you have yourself covered, and that you do your homework.

However we usually focus on the person renting the home/property, rather than the person who is renting it out to them. So for this blog we are going to be shining the spotlight on landlords and what landlord insurance can do for them.

What is a landlord first of all? Well, a landlord is anyone who rents out their own property to tenants. This is not limited to renting out houses or apartments, this includes shops, pubs, etc.

Landlords have numerous responsibilities and these include, but are not limited to:

  • Keeping the property in good repair | Maintaining the property
  • Maintaining common areas (hallways, yards);
  • Providing access to vital services (water, electricity, heat etc)

And whilst in most popular culture landlords are made out to be evil beings with no heart, in real life they are humans just like everyone else, and as mentioned at the start of this blog, everyone needs insurance.

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to help protect landlords from some of the commons risks that come with renting out their property. Landlords should already have building insurance which covers them against things such as; fire, storm and flood damage.

Landlord Insurance is similar in that it covers you for damage to the property and your income, but not from natural disaster. This is insurance from damage caused by your tenants and their visitors/friends. Damages could be anything from theft/burglary, vandalism (both accidental and malicious) and loss of rent.

Many landlords presume that their tenant’s property will remain untouched. But despite all good intentions, damages will more than likely occur. Even if your tenants do no damage to your property there is the chance that they can lose their income and thus their ability to pay rent. In fact over a quarter of landlord related insurance claims are due to lack of rent payments.

Landlord insurance, like any other is priced dependent on how much cover you would like, the policy you choose and from where you purchase it. If you’re a first time landlord or an experienced one looking for some fresh insurance we at Wollerman Shacklock can help you find the best insurance for you.


So there you have it. There’s more to owning a house than just living in it. If you’d like anymore help in regard to Landlord Insurance, contact us at Wollerman Shacklock via or give us a call on 9707 1155.

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